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2020 VA Moto Guzzi Rally
Friday, Jun 26th - Sunday, Jun 28th 2020 at Willville Motorcycle Camp

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South East Va Breakfast
1st Sunday 9:00 AM monthly at Bunny's Restaurant, Suffolk, VA
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1st Thursday each month 7:00 at Tony's New York Pizza
South West VA lunch
3rd Saturday monthly at Various
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South West VA lunch
When? 3rd Saturday monthly
Where? Various
About event A monthly gathering of Guzziesti to enjoy a meal in good company. email Ron at ronkom(at)vaguzzi(dot)com for location of next lunch and/or to be added to the VA GUZZI RIDERS email contact list & receive notices of the lunch location each month
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Directions This is the meet report for our Feb, 2016 meet at Guiseppi's in Nellysford Va, just to give you an idea what we're all about.
Va Guzzisti,
Wow! The weather gods smiled on us for the second month in a row. We had a beautiful day for a ride, & a good turn-out of riders took advantage & came to the lunch. We had a nice row of bikes lined up at Guiseppi's but only one Guzzi! I think this is an excellent indicator of what an open, friendly, welcoming group we are. My EV has an expired inspection sticker, I didn't get around to taking it to the shop in time for the lunch, so I rode my MP-3. I wore a pair of my lighter weight gloves, & so was able to try out my BikeMaster lace-on heated grips on the ride up to Nellysford. They use a simple on-off switch, a looong way from the 5 (count'em) settings Eppa had with the grips on his big Honda, but for my purposes they did the job. I was first to arrive at the restaurant, but Bob Corfield rolled in on his BMW RT1200 as I was stripping my outer layer of gear off. We had just gotten seated inside when the other bikes started rolling in. Eppa Wimbish on his Honda F6B, Eppa's riding friend Dave Myhome on a BMW 1200GS, Mike Jones on his trusty Convert, Nate & Keri Jones on the Kawasaki Ninja, Skip Kastroll on a Harley Sportster, Matt Grannell on a Ducati 1000D3, & Chris Walter on his Suzuki DR 650. You might remember that Chris had issues getting the DR started after the lunch last month. I asked him if he'd put in a new battery. He said no, the ride home last month charged it up & it was doing fine.....but he did have some jumper cables! David Phillips, still recovering from his medical issues, drove a cage. So we had 11 around the tables, with a continuous buzz of multiple conversations. I had a Chicken/broccoli calzone w/added mushrooms that was excellent. The other dishes delivered around the tables all looked good, & I didn't hear any grumbles. The restaurant wasn't crowded, so we sat & chatted for a while after finishing our meals. Outside, tire kicking conversations continued, I'm attaching a picture Bob Corfield shot of our line-up. I decided to take the long way home, taking 664 up past Wintergreen to the parkway, then South on the parkway. I was disappointed to find the Parkway gates closed both North & South at the 664 intersection. Well, perhaps a little longer way home (on such a beautiful day). I took 664 down the West side of the mountain, went by Sherando Lake, then 610 to Stuarts Draft, left on 340 to 11 & on to 56 at Steeles Tavern. I went back up the mountain on 56, to find the parkway gates open in both directions. I thought about the run down the mountain past Crabtree Falls, but decided to take the Parkway on South to 60. The sun was at an angle such that I (again) had eyesight difficulties from the flickering from shade to brilliant sunshine as I rode, (the old eyes just don't react as fast as they once did. I may have to go to a helmet style that allows the attachment of a visor. For the day's ride I burned a tank of gas in the MP3, (tank only holds about 3 gallons) getting right at 50 MPG, not bad for hauling a big man doing mountain riding. Here's hoping that our weather-luck holds for next month & we have another good turn-out for the lunch.
Lodging None specified.
South West VA lunch
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